Stratos the Argent Protector; The Silver Justiciar; For Whom the Silver Tower Rises Unending at the Pinnacle of the Heavens; He Who Casts Down the Sword of Valor in the Strike of Godly Righteousness

Asyra the Flowing Maiden; the Sky-tear; She Who Lives Both In Her Cloud-palace of Pearl and Her Ocean-palace of Coral, Who Watches From All That is Azure and Purity

Ishtar of the Heart; The Desire-Mirror; She Who Rules From Within The All-Heart, Who Plants The Seeds of Passion; She Who is Patron to The Finer Arts, Who Mothered Hedonism and Naught Else

Phoenixia the Blinding Sun; The Golden Blaze; She Who Bathes in the Purifying Light of the Heavens, Who Nurtures All Life With Her Eternal Shine

The Morrigan; The Three-bodied War; The Tri-Goddess; They Who Control Upon the Vast Machine of Conflict; They Who Are Born for Battle, They Who Live for Battle, They Who Die in Battle

Illusinian of the Clouded Eye; The Everchanger; He Who is Not He, Nor She, Nor It, But All and One and Many and Few; He Who Changes Faces With Every Breath To Experience All The World Possesses

Astartes the Knowing; The Wisewoman; She Whose Wisdom Transcends, Who Bears the Holy Librarium Codex; She Whose Eyes Have Read All Ink in Existence, Who Mothered the Children of Magic

The Moonlight Dragon; The Forest Guardian; The Stardust Behemoth; It Who Flows Through The Trees of The World, Who Speaks Through the Greatest and Smallest of Creatures, Who Shines From The Night Sky On High

The White Lady; The Nameless Patience; She Who Sits On Her Alabaster Throne, Digging Her Fingers Into the Eyes of Her Subjects So That None May See Her Name; She Who Hoards those Within The Infinite Necropolis

Umbra the Pitch-Skinned; the Lurker-in-Shadow; She Who Holds Vigil Forgotten and Moldering in No-Places, Deep-places; Who Reaches Out With Her Voice From Dark Rooms, Dark Corners, and Dark Waters

Unenon the Eye-Gouged; the Whisperer; He Who is Skull-Chained to The Hearts of His Ever-Screaming Daughters; He Who Utters Secrets Silent By His Blackened Tongue to Be Suffered by Other


Khaeros Airestorm