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Age: 22

Hair Color: fire hydrant red

Eye Color: aquafina-label blue

Height: 5’6

Weight: 120

Distinguishing Physical Features (if any): horns & tail & pointed ears & slightly fanged

Surviving Family (if any): mother, sister

Hobbies: cooking, doing drugs, playing cards, dancing, listening to angry bard music

Favorite Food: scones

Favorite Color: blue



Modern Theme Music:

Short Description (physical traits):


Zixi was raised by her mother on a flying boat of tiefling sky pirates.

She got along well with her mother, but her slightly unbalanced twin sister was always trying to kill her because they looked the same. Her father was some one night stand tiefling. It was a happy ship where all the booty was evenly distributed amongst its crew and had been flying for over 40 mutiny free years.

Plundering and pillaging were learned at an early age, though she didn’t have enough interest to actively refine the skills. She spent most of her time in the galley with the chef because it was the one place her sister would not go.

At first the master tiefling chef (Elhand) used her mostly for errands, such as dangling from a very long rope off the ship with a basket, and skimming the tops of fruit trees. Usually pilfering fruits from orchards was a violence-free event, though she did have a couple of narrow escapes from flying arrows.

Since she didn’t fall off the rope and die like the last guy, and kept coming back with many fruits, he decided to teach her some cooking basics.

He knew almost immediately that she would never be a master chef despite her passion, and after many months of burnt bread, because he was so fond of her, he decided to introduce her to his super special secret—something that he always used before cooking one of his great meals.


And so one night when everyone went to bed she took some nepenthe and went into the kitchen and decided to cook an elaborate feast greater than any feast ever made, and she burned down the air ship (not because of the nepenthe, but because she can’t cook.)

Fortunately no one of consequence died, but they were still really pissed. So they banished her from the group of tieflings, and she could only return on one condition (which they found to be VERY REASONABLE)—and that condition was that she return with enough profit to build a new airship, which was pretty much impossible.

She left the crew and struck out on her own, determined that one day, somehow, she would acquire them a new air ship. She quickly found out there was no honest way of making huge chunks of money all at once, and therefore she quickly suffered for not paying enough attention in pilfering and plundering and pillaging class.

Zixi landed herself in prison in a matter of weeks and it was only then, in desperation, that she learned to manipulate things in her favor—and so she climbed the subtle prison hierarchy, using the guards themselves as a fence for distributing goods, and eventually bribed her way out of prison early.

After that she was much more careful and started working her way up with smaller projects, usually self-employed, though sometimes she would take jobs if the cut was enough—primarily burglary, since her interest was in money itself.


Level 1 Tiefling Rogue

Initiative: +4

Senses: Perception +5; Low-Light

HP 22; Bloodied 11

AC 16; Fortitude 11; Reflex 16; Will 14

Healing Surges: 6 per day, recovers 5 hp.

Speed 6

Basic Attacks: melee +1; ranged +4

Attacks: Dagger +5 melee (1d4), Sling +6 ranged (1d6)

At-Will Powers: Sly Flourish, Deft Strike

Encounter Powers: King’s Castle, Infernal Wrath [racial]

Daily Powers: Blinding Barrage

Alignment: Unaligned

Languages: Common, Abyssal

Skills: Acrobatics* +9, Arcana +1, Athletics +1, Bluff* +11, Diplomacy +4, Dungeoneering +0, Endurance +0, Heal +0, History +1, Insight +0, Intimidate +4, Nature +0, Perception* +5, Religion +1, Stealth* +11, Streetwise* +9, Thievery* +9.

*indicates trained skills

Abilities: Str 12 (+1); Dex 18 (+4); Con 10 (+0); Int 12 (+1); Wis 10 (+0); Cha 18 (+4)

Feats: Backstabber

Racial Abilities: Bloodhunt, Fire Resistance, Infernal Wrath

Class Abilities: First Strike, Sneak Attack, Rogue Tactics [Artful Dodger]

Gear: Leather armor, Dagger, Sling, backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, trail rations (10 days), hempen rope (50 ft.), sunrods (2), waterskin, 58 gp


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